Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

and drive innovation

Program Objectives

- Develop innovative and high-potential commercial opportunities

- Drive innovation and business development

- Create products or services in a start-up context or within an existing organization

- Apply your studies by working on a team project, mentored by leading professors and highly

experienced professionals

Key Benefits


- Achieve an high class training with an innovative aerospace and defence R&D group


- Network remotely with respected businesspeople, successful entrepreneurs, and classmates


- Get team coaching from an experienced business expert


- Apply your skills to a team project designed to commercialize an idea, product, technology, or - business proposition

Global Innovation Management

& Entrepreneurship Training (GIMET)

This high class training equips busy engineers and scientists with the know-how and practical skills they need to find creative solutions to face global challenges. It will help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and capitalize on your strengths to create a new business venture or an intrapreneurial project in your current organization. You’ll learn to seize new opportunities, drive innovation, and design and implement a strategy.

+3 months

20h per week

+20 courses

10h per course

from +4.000€

of investment