Get your Remote

Driving Systems

Drivers can work

remotely now, too


Enabling unmanned and autonomous

vehicles with remote operation

Control any vehicle from thousands of miles away


Remote operation enhances worker safety, increases productivity, and reduces costs associated with downtime and labor shortages. With AWAIS, any operator can teleport between vehicles—within one site and across multiple sites—all with the click of a button.

24/7 international service & support

+500 operating


+80 supported

vehicle types

Interoperable remote operation platform


Real-time, direct 3G/4G/5G and radio remote control


Remotely guide and command automated functions


Live video, audio, and data monitoring across the entire flee

Quick deployment


It takes less than 10 minutes to fully deploy the aerostat.

Solar Recharging


The aerostat is equipped on its surface with a few solar panels that provide an emergency circuit in case of failure.

Use Cases of AWAIS

to face global challenges

AWAIS Remote Driving

Innovating Driving Industry