First Hijab with Scientific and Industrial Standards for Women in High Risk

Studies and Professions

We develop the best veils to scientific and industrial standards.
AWAIS Group is at the origin of the creation of the first non-flammable, antibacterial and antistatic veil in the world. HijabFirst was developed with the aim of meeting the safety and hygiene standards imposed on veiled women studying and working in the academic,
health, civil, scientific and military sectors.


Manufacturing Made in Europe

We follow the best scientific and industrial standards to allow access to studies and professions with high safety and hygiene directives.


Our innovation infrastructure is agile and creative enough to produce

tailor-made models of veils for companies, universities and militaries.

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Non-Flammable, Antiviral, Antibacterial


HijabFirst Non-Flammable M1, certified by the French firefighters since 2016 for protection in studies (practical work) and high-risk areas.

It is also certified Antibacterial, Antiviral (Covid19) and Environmentally Friendly.

Delivery from 1 to 3 weeks
due to #Covid19



HijabFirst Antistatic is a purely industrial product, its textile is developed to protect against static charges in oil and gas infrastructure.

Sterile, Disposable


HijabFirst Sterile & Disposable is specially designed for use in laboratories

and hospitals.



HijabFirst Waterproof is dedicated for active women in humid climates and sports activities.

Cotton, Silk, Bamboo


HijabFirst Nature is a range of veils made from 100% natural materials for a wide application with unique properties.



HijabFirst Sport is a high-end version for veiled women wishing to combine sport and religion.

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