Awais Tayeb Choudhary

Inventor / R&D Head

Awais Tayeb Choudhary is a Belgian-Pakistani inventor in aerospace and defence. He heads the Research and Development Department of Awais Group. Among his inventions are : the Whinsprattack, a magnetic levitation generator; Dioxybrain VEST, an innovative concept of medical oxygen vest; EmergencySphere, an aerostat for disaster and crisis management and also HijabFirst, the world's first non-flammable veil. He has notably worked on projects such as ocean agriculture, the nasal filter and magnetic batteries for drones.

Largely self-educated, he will follow online studies in engineering, innovation, management and leadership at major universities including MIT and Harvard as well as Rochester and Delft.

Armed with his experience in marketing consultancy and innovation of business models of European companies, he is now working on the expansion of Awais Group by surrounding himself with advanced skills in the development of innovative projects as well as aerospace and defense research and development.

Discover his career


Awais Tayeb Choudhary is 23 years old, he was born on June 12, 1997 in Brussels. From the age of 11, he designed a unique electric generator with magnetic levitation to avoid friction between the fixed and moving parts of the generator in order to reduce energy losses and thus increase yields. This new concept will be proposed to nuclear power plants and will be the subject of a public presentation at the International Exhibition of Innovation and New Technologies (INNOVA) in November 2013. It will win the silver medal for the best innovation of the Exhibition. 'dawn of his 16 years and will receive exceptionally the price of the best youngest inventor of the show.

His overflowing creativity will propel Awais into industrial design and allow him to illustrate his ideas until April 2014 when he will present another totally innovative and unique concept in the world, Dioxybrain VEST: a vest that can contain oxygen and allow better mobility. elderly people with respiratory ailments by removing the charge from large oxygen cylinders. This invention will also receive the attention of hundreds of aeronautical engineers, enabling it to establish an international network of skills.

On March 22, 2016, when the European capital was hit hard by the terrorist attacks, Awais was greatly sensitized, especially when he observed the difficulties encountered by the emergency services. During these tragic events, he noted that the communication networks were saturated for more than 8 hours following the explosions, which greatly undermined the organization of the firefighters and police services of Brussels who were forced to communicate by WhatsApp.


Disasters and crises have been the main focus of Awais since that date. A long process of development then follows and which will lead to the concretization of the project allowing to improve the management of natural disasters or crises requiring a mass deployment of services within a city, a country or 'a region. The EmergencySphere will respond to this need and consists of deploying aerostats in the sky in a few minutes, thereby establishing and strengthening the network during major disasters and crises. They would serve as landmarks to indicate to the population, in a few minutes the strategic points of camps and emergency assistance. The project is promising and awaits investors for marketing by the end of 2021.

In August 2016, at random from a discussion concerning university studies in medicine with two of his friends, he became aware of the ban on the veil in laboratories but also in industries. The reasons given in these sectors relate mainly to hygiene and the risk of flammability of the fabric. In the month following this knowledge, he activated his experience and his engineering to develop the first non-flammable and antibacterial veil in the world. Its professional network of engineers gives it access to the best partners for rapid and efficient production of clothing for universities and laboratories that make good use of it today. Thus in September 2016 the project was the subject of an article in the press which would relay information to all the media in the Brussels Region.

Several tens of thousands of women will express their interest in this new product and it will obtain the necessary investments for a first stock. The project will finally be on the international market 2 months later. A hundred companies and universities will accept this headgear in their regulations. The consecration will come on January 3, 2017, four months after its deployment on the market, when the American army announces, in an official report of General Secretary of US Army, the use of this type of veil.

The success of HijabFirst and his experiences allow him to leave his secondary school and directly start several online courses. He will learn the basics of aeronautics, innovation, solving global conflicts, energy, electronic circuits, behavior of materials, management and leadership of engineering teams at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Havard University. He will then boost his skills through the courses of the Technological Institutes of Rochester and Delft.

All his innovations earned him the title of "genius of molenbeek" by the press in 2017.

His solid experience has been forged on the many projects developed from a very young age. In order to guarantee the sustainable development of his projects, he will notably propose to companies to innovate their business model by product, process or management. In 2017, he founded Awais Group and fully decided to devote himself to the world of consultancy.

But his passion for innovative inventions resurfaces, while having the ambition to collaborate with the greatest researchers, he decreases his corporate consultancy activities to evolve Awais Group towards research and development in aerospace and defense. It will draw on the famous Sustainable Europe 2030 Targets plan to make its contribution through innovation.


Since 2018, his group has embarked on the development of more than 30 innovative products and 8 mega-projects in order to face global threats and resolve the biggest problems.



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