A cutting-edge technology Aerostat

for the monitoring and managing major

events, sensitive sites and large areas.

2 months autonomy


The Awais can be operational up to 2 months in the sky without human intervention, it has been specially designed for short and very long term monitoring and managing of major events, sensitive sites and large territories.

More reliable than Drones


Less expensive and more reliable than a large permanent surveillance with UAVs.

All-weather operation


The aerostat can withstand temperatures from -40° to +65°C, heavy rain, hail and snow.

Very high stability


A design that makes it the most stable in the world against winds, a combination of aircraft wings and an aerostat.

Free Elevation up to 20km


Awais can go up to 20,000 meters altitude with cable-free elevation for advanced use in the stratosphere.

Tethered use up to 2km


Our system can be used with a high-strength cable attachment for monitoring and management close to the ground, within 2,000 metres.

Direct Control up to 50 km


The system can be managed directly by radio frequency up to 50 km and more by connecting to existing network systems.

Payload up to 100kg


It is possible to put a 100kg replacement payload.

Quick deployment


It takes less than 10 minutes to fully deploy the aerostat.

Easily transportable


It can be transported very easily in a simple SUV, helicopter or airplane.

Solar Recharging


The aerostat is equipped on its surface with a few solar panels that provide an emergency circuit in case of failure.

Hydrogen use


Awais uses hydrogen, which is cheaper than helium, with a unique system for its protection.

Gas Security Partner

Integrated Systems of AWAIS

to face global challenges

4k Surveillance

full option

Thermal Camera
long distance with AI

24/7 recording of all videos and data

3-axis stabilized payload

Network Restoration and Strengthening

Anti-UAV system

with AI

Radar Monitoring

with AI

Laser and Lighting System with AI

Network Jamming System



Camera for Professional Shooting

Remote Piloting

of Systems

Full control via software on tablet and computer

IoT technology to connect and coordinate

Parking and recharging drones magnets

Data sharing between aerostats

by network and lasers

A specific need in your sector?

We develop aerostats with technology tailored to meet the challenges of your sector.


Innovating ISR industry



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